Workshops with Natasha Wang - Redefine Fit

Hello All 🙂 We have some exciting NEWS to share!! @natashawangpole is coming to Redefine Fit for a workshop!! This is a CANNOT MISS opportunity!!

  • Location: Bloor West Studio
  • Cost: $95/workshop or $89/Workshop if you do 2 or more (any combination) use CODE NAT89 (All Caps)
  • Duration: 90 Mins (1 per pole)

Thursday July 25th, 2024

  • 6:15PM -7:45PM: Handsprings Clinic (SOLD OUT)
  • 8:00PM-9:30PM: Pole Geometry (3 Spots Left)

Friday July 26th, 2024

  • 5:00PM-6:30PM: Tumbles 4 Lyfe (SOLD OUT)
  • 6:45PM-8:15PM: Shapeshifting (SOLD OUT)
  • 8:30PM-10:00PM: Polestands & Flow (2 Spots Left)

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** Please make sure you are able to commit to the dates/workshops as there are NO REFUNDS. We pay the instructor a per person rate. If you are unable to make it you are welcome to try and sell your spot to someone else.


Handspring Clinic / 90 min

This purely handspring workshop will cover the different handspring grips, leg and body positions, as well as fun entries and shape variations. We will also cover strength & conditioning drills that you can take into your own pole practice. It is recommended that students be able to hold a handstand against the wall for at least 30 seconds, and are comfortable with Extended Butterfly.  Level: Advanced

Pole Geometry Lab / 90 min

Learn Natasha Wang’s signature movement style, which incorporates grip variations, unusual contact points, and lots of twisty, thready, pretzel-y shapes and combos. Get ready to tie yourself into knots!  Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Tumbles 4 Lyfe / 90 min

Learn crowd-pleasing drops, flips and faux flips, tumbles and other dynamic pole movement, no gymnastics training required! This workshop will teach you safe, progressive techniques to get you from scared-to-death to death defying in 90 minutes.

Level: Advanced

Shapeshifting for Pole Creatures / 90 min

This workshop will take foundational moves, and turn them on their head through accents, flourishes, grip variations and other movement techniques. Being able to climb and invert is recommended.  Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Polestands & Flow / 90 min

Learn how to dance from the floor onto the pole and back down again as we learn acrobatic pole flow sequences incorporating pole handstands (shoulder stands, forearm stands, & handstands), as well as rolls, spins, sweeps and jumps.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

About Natasha Wang

Natasha Wang is an international pole teacher, performer and competition judge. A once exercise-averse club kid, Natasha discovered pole at the ripe age of 30 and went on to become one of the icons of the pole world. Natasha is the host of Poletica Movement, an on-demand platform for pole dancers that unlocks their power through movement they love. Her live and virtual classes blend elements of yoga, fitness and creative movement to help students achieve fitness goals while having fun in the process.

As a competitive pole athlete, her titles include IPC Pole Art Champion (2018), IPC Ultimate Champion (2013), Pole Art Runner-Up (2012), US Pole Dance Champion (2011), USPDF West Coast Champion (2010), California Pole Dance Champion (2010), and East Meets West Miss PoleAM (2010). In 2015, she was named “Instructor of the Year” by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association.

Natasha has appeared on “The View” on ABC, “Good Day L.A.” on FOX, “Amazing Dance” on Hunan TV, and “Day Day Up” on Hunan TV, China’s #1 TV show with a viewership of over 300 million. She has also toured China as a solo artist, including a 30-show residency at China Rouge at the Galaxy Macau Hotel & Casino. In 2011, Natasha performed in the Doug Aitken art-theater project “Black Mirror” alongside actress Chloe Sevigny, which premiered in Athens and Hydra, Greece.