Workshops with Matt Ryan - Redefine Fit

We’ve got some EXCITING NEWS!!! He’s BACK AFTER A SOLD OUT WORKSHOP!! Don’t miss this opportunity to do a workshop with Matt Ryan!! (see bio +IG below) he’s been on Canada’s Got Talent and The Masked Singer and we’re soo thrilled to host him.


Date: Saturday April 20th, 2024

Location: Bloor West Studio

Workshops & Time:

  • 2:00PM-3:30PM: Handsprings Clinic


  • 4:00PM-5:30PM: To Brass Monkies & Beyond



  • $55/ Workshop if you do both (Use code MATT5)
  • $60/Workshop


**For returning students to these workshops, Matt will have several new tricks and transitions working out of these base skills and will teach a KILLER combo that centers around these skills


Handsprings Clinic

In this workshop we will breakdown the mechanics and technique that make handsprings look effortless. Discover the secrets behind the perfect arms, body, and leg positioning and apply these principles for getting into the skill from upside down (crucifix and inside leg hang), from the ground (jumping), and deadlifting/muscle ups for advanced students. We will also cover different grips (twisted, true grip and cup grip) and discover captivating entrances and exits that will make your handsprings truly spectacular.


Are you ready to flip, twist, and soar through the air like never before? Don’t miss out on this handspring adventure that’s bound to leave you with a big grin and some gravity-defying skills! Sign up today and let’s get handspringing!


Brass Monkies & Beyond


In this workshop, starting with brass monkey entrances, we’ll unravel the secrets that make this move not only safe but also the gateway to a world of advanced tricks and mesmerizing transitions. Open to a wide range of levels with a series of unique and level-appropriate skills and transitions that all start with the brass monkey. Advanced polers will master the art of the Janeiro, while intermediate polers will explore the Reverse Poissant and Satellite and maybe even iguana entries, exits, and transitions, adding a touch of flair and mystique to your repertoire.



Meet Matt: From Canada’s Got Talent to The Masked Singer, and Now Your Pole Dance Mentor!

Get ready to dive into the exhilarating world of pole dance with the one and only Matt, a powerhouse who’s danced his way from “Canada’s Got Talent” to the enigmatic stage of “The Masked Singer.” And now, the spotlight is on you! This incredible journey has shaped Matt into the exceptional pole artist and mentor he is today.

Matt’s pole adventure began in 2018 after an impressive 22-year career in gymnastics as a Canadian national champion and a decade in the fitness industry with an MSc in Kinesiology. Within just three months, pole dance transformed his life, propelling him from the east coast of Canada to the vibrant city of Montreal. It brought light to a dark period, instilling him with purpose, passion, and a renewed drive to reach his full potential.

With boundless determination and hard work, he’s turning his dreams into reality, and he’s here to help you do the same. In his classes, you’ll feel his passion radiate as he effortlessly breaks down techniques, ensuring students not only grasp them but also have a blast while doing so. Since the end of the pandemic, Matt has immersed himself in performing, coaching, and dazzling audiences on grand stages, including “Canada’s Got Talent,” “The Masked Singer,” Pride events all over Canada, and workshops across Canada and the United States.