Workshops with Lydia - Redefine Fit

Location: Bloor West Studio

Date: Monday March 11th, 2024


  • 6:00PM-7:30PM: Beginner Static Choreo Flow
  • 8:00PM-9:30PM: Intermediate Spin Flow


  • $59/Workshop
  • $99 for BOTH workshops

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Beginner Static Choreo Flow:

Are you looking to improve on your flow, transitions and the DANCE part of pole dancing? Learn a beautiful pole routine that will challenge your technique, flow and artistry in my Pole Choreo workshop. We will nerd out on all things pole like momentum and grip while also working on how to make your movement graceful, how to transition from one move to the next, how to interpret the music and perform. In this level it is not required to be able to invert. Variations can be given to accommodate for different skill levels.

Intermediate Spin Flow:

So you’re able to do cool fun tricks, but you’re looking to improve your ability to dance through them seamlessly and with grace? Learn how to beautifully transition between moves in my Pole Choreo Level 2 workshop. Challenge yourself to find the moments between moves, how can I use my strength efficiently to make the transition less clunky, and stylistically how can I make my movement more beautiful. In this level it is required to be able to invert. Variations can be given to accommodate for different skill levels.


Lydia’s first pole class back in 2015 she attended with her fellow castmates from Hong Kong Disneyland where she was working at as a dancer and performer. Lydia was always a jazz funk/girls hip hop kinda girl taking classes at the studio as a teenager. She went on to study an associate degree in dance in Sydney Australia at a contemporary dance school down under. With growing lower back pain, and zero upper body strength she wanted to explore other forms of movement that would take her upside down and build her upper body and core strength.

After that first pole class, she was hooked and decided to sign up for more. She saw the strength and grace in her teachers, it seemed unattainable but with time and consistency she saw her body change. After moving to Vancouver Lydia started teaching at Tantra Fitness starting with foundation levels and with time has developed into teaching higher levels but most passionately her choreo classes. Paired with her education in dance and her experience as a performer Lydia has grown and developed her own style of pole dancing and is passionate about sharing it with the world. Teaching has given her the platform to meet amazing people and use the art of pole to help others find the freedom in movement and self expression that pole has given her.