Workshops with Dan Rosen - Redefine Fit

Hello All  Dan Rosen (Creator of Pole Lols) is coming back to Redefine Fit!! Last year his workshops all SOLD OUT!! – We’re sooo excited to have him! (And THIS YEAR we have Dan for 2 DAYS!!! – 4 Workshops with the possibility of adding more!!)

Dan’s other request is a MIN number of participants for the workshop as such he said all the other studios he’s been visiting have just done the pole share option and request that we do that as well. The workshop is 90 mins in length and he mentioned in all the other workshops and pole share everyone gets plenty of time with the 90 mins on pole share. Last year when we did this with Dan it was still a SUCCESS and super FUN!!


  • Date: Tuesday May 21st, 2024
  • Location: Danforth Studio
  • 6:15PM-7:45PM: Dan’s Favourite Combos
  • 8:00PM-9:30PM: Spinning Pole Technique
  • Cost: $95/Person
  • ** This is a pole share class (2/pole)


  • Date: Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
  • Location: Danforth Studio
  • 6:15PM-7:45PM: Insta Trix
  • 8:00PM-9:30PM: Picture Perfect
  • Cost: $95/Person
  • ** This is a pole share class (2/pole)



Dan’s Favourite Combos

Spinning Pole Technique:

Insta Trix:

Picture Perfect:



Cancellation Note

*** NO REFUNDS or cancellation for workshops please ensure you can fully commit before signing up, if you can no longer attend you are welcome to try and sell your spot to another student.

Dan’s Favourite Combos: This class will cover Dan’s favourite combos which may have been seen in some of his performances. He will adapt the combo to each level of student to make it fun for all in class. Students are welcome to give moves which they like to do or would like to learn and Dan will try to help you create a combo around this trick. So not only will we get to learn Dan’s combos, we will also get the techniques to learn how to make our very own combos with moves which we love!

This is a fairly advanced class so for this class you will ideally be working towards aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, superman, extended butterflies & Gemini/Scorpios

Spinning Pole Technique: Do you have a fear of spinning pole? Feel like every time you use it you become too dizzy to do anything? In this workshop Dan will teach you the tricks to help make the dizziness a thing of the past and how to help you have full control over the Spin Pole. Dan will teach you some of this favourite spinning pole tricks in this class so don’t miss out!

This class is suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Level Pole dancers. We recommend you can do aerial inverts, superman, leg hangs, extended butterfly and ideally handsprings/Ayesha (but not essential)

Picture Perfect: In this workshop Dan will be teaching you his favourite picture perfect poses! The aim of the class will be to give you the confidence to move in and out o moves effortlessly. (Because there is no point doing a trick if it’s not gorgeous right?) Dan specializes in moves which not only looks great, but moves which are ACHIEVEABLE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn some new and interesting tricks. For this class it will help if you are able to do or working towards intermediate moves such as – basic invert/ inside & outside leg hang and butterfly. It will also help if you are comfortable with most spins

Insta Trix

In this workshop Dan will be showing you some of his favourite tricks which you will have seen on Instagram! This class we will play with different sorts of grips, tricks and shapes so this class will be fun for all who attend! Be prepared to get some gorgeous pole kisses in this class as Dan will be showing us some moves which will put our limits to the test. This is a class not to be missed for the hardcore pole fan!

For this class you will be able to or working towards: Aerial inverts, superman, leg hangs and handsprings/Ayeshas