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Workshop with Crystal Belcher!!

Join us on Monday December 3rd, 2018:
6:30PM-7:45PM: The Ground Floor
8:15PM-9:30PM: Texas Twerk
** Only $65/each or $120 for BOTH!!

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“CryStylez: The Ground Floor”
($65 per person; starting @ 75 minutes)
The top floor isn’t the only tier that’s the SUITEst. Bring it down a level and get GROUNDed. Combine modern movements, floor-otic flows, acrobatic executions, intricate threading and expressive choreography to extend across and around space.  Going Up…or nah? Take it down…to the Ground Floor. (Can be done with or without pole)
All experience and ability levels
*Sensual Warm Up and Conditioning
*Muscle engagement and dynamic use
*Musicality with a focus on intention and nuances
*Incorporating the use of space and travel (wall, pole and/or props) with fundamental movement
*Choreography creating seamless and unexpected transitions using sliding, threading and creative shapes
Class Needs:
Knee pads, leg warmers, over-the-knee socks, heels and or bare feet may be needed at any given time.

“CryStylez: Texas Twerk”

($65 per person; starting @ 75 minutes)
Tighten Up while you Toot It Up! What better way to get your rear in gear and those legs tight and right than to Twerk Sumthin’ the Texas way! This ATL BootyClap format challenges you to make the booty work in wondrous ways, while building your core and intensifying your cardio workout. Who said that working out couldn’t teach you life skills?
All experience and ability levels
*High Energy Warm Up & Stretching
*Core Werk – Twerk foundations that break down body mechanics and address common twerk mistakes in the form of a line dance
*Twerk Drillz – High intensity, level based dance and aerobic combinations to engage the core, increase endurance and strengthen the lower body
*TwerkOut – Sweat wet, cardio intensive choreography inclusive of wall, floor work and twerk combinations seen in previous sections
Class Needs:
Athletic shoes and knee pads are recommended, as well as “loose-bootied apparel” or non-restricting shorts or leggings.

Photoshoot with Kaylen’s Photography!

It might be getting cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t look smokin’ hot! – And right in time for the holidays too!! We’re thrilled to partner with Kaylens Photography for the next in house photoshoot!!

You’ve seen those beautiful pole photos and now you can have your very own as well!

You will have 20 minutes of sitting time, you are more than welcome to come in early to do your make up/warm up in the back room. You will receive 3 high resolution professionally edited & re-touched photos.
Only a limited number of spots so please sign up early!

  • Sunday December 9th
  • Time: 3PM-7PM (in 20 minute segments online)
  • $130/per person (Including HST!!)

To Sign Up: visit https://redefine-fit.com/schedule/ and navigate to December 9th, 2018 and sign up for your desired time slot

Pre-Order Your 2018 Yearbook Today!

We can’t believe it’s that time of the year but here we are the official call out for the 2018 Redefine YEAR BOOK!! Yes for those of you who didn’t know in 2017 we launched our first yearbook and this year in 2018 we’re doing our second!

It’s a beautiful hard cover fully coloured 40 page 8×6 horizontal book of memories of a lifetime

If you are interested in ordering a yearbook
• Cost: $25
• Purchase directly through our website HERE

#Lifeisbetterupsidedown Tanks

FREE SHIPPING ON TANKS until August 31st ONLY! What better way to show case your love of being upside down? This tank reads right side up when you are UPSIDE DOWN! How much fun is that??

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