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For the duration of Covid-19 we have made the very difficult decision to pause all membership sales, as our classes and operations has been and will continued to be impacted by class sizes and capacity.

Given the Covid-19 situation we have offered students the opportunity to continue to pause their memberships until they feel more comfortable to return. As of December 31st, 2020, all memberships left on pause will automatically be turned into credits, and placed on your account.

At this point, as much as we would like to bring back the membership option once Covid is over, given how unpredictable it is there are no guarantees. It will really have to depend on the landscape at that point if we are able to re-introduce it.

Some FAQs about membership sales

What if I already have a membership on my account

Over the Spring/Summer we have participated in a variety of pole studio owner calls across Canada to see what other studios were doing. As a general rule of thumb, all studios have discontinued their unlimited option during this time, many are just pro-rating the remainder of the membership as a credit for students to purchase class passes at the new price.

On our end we thought about this for a while, and the best approach, we really appreciate all the members and truly believe that it’s the community of students that build up our Redefine Fit family. So we are offering two options.  For those who already have a membership on their account:

Pro-rated credit: We will do the math to see what the balance left on the membership is (dollar figure wise) and will add that to your account as a credit that you can use towards a private, semi private, drop in passes, 4 week series etc. At this point we are unable to issue refunds

Continue as is: We will honour those with memberships right now, but please note there will be modifications to the number of classes you can take. We are presently working with 10 classes/month. This is very fair depending on your existing membership option your classes would range between ($10-16/class)

* This is the option the system will default unless we hear from you otherwise.

What’s Included?

Those who are activating their membership now (August) for the duration of your adjusted membership you will have:

  • 10 in person classes
  • Practice Sessions
  • Virtual Membership (unlimited online classes)
  • Access to pre-recorded online content

** those activating later (after August 2020) depending on the landscape of covid and operations within the studio your adjusted membership may look different than what is currently offered, this might include access to virtual classes, number of in person classes permitted, etc

What if I want to continue/buy another membership?

Only for those with a current membership on file, when your membership expires please reach out to us and we depending on how Covid has progressed, capacity etc we may be able to renew it again under the revised 10 classes/month. NO GUARENTEES ON THIS OPTION but we will try to work with you on this option.

Do you want to continue to pause your pass?

Initial Email sent out July 2020

We recognize that this is a very trying and tough time for everyone, as such during this time if you would like to continue to temporarily hold your membership/class passes until you feel safe to return again please fill out this form below by August 8th, 2020 and we will continue to pause it for you.

** Please note there are changes to memberships options which can be found in the next section

If you missed this/or just seeing it now please reach out to us via email

Adding on your credits:

Once a month (before the booking period of the next month opens) we will update your account for the following month (if applicable) with new credits to book.

What if you want to take more classes/buy additional classes?

We’re thrilled if you want to take more classes ? And at this point if you’re just interested in taking additional classes we would love to have you in class! For the time being in 2020 (TBD in 2021) we are happy to offer 50% off a single drop in class ($14.50/class) or if you would like to get an additional 5 OR 10 Class Pass on your account to use when you would like (not limited to just the month) we can do 50% off 5 & 10 Class Passes.

** This special promo is ONLY for you if you’re on the adjusted membership of 10 Classes/month. And only valid for use during the duration of your adjusted membership.

If you are looking to purchase this, we are in the process of determining a code which will ONLY be valid for those with the adjusted membership on Wellness Living. In the meantime reach out to us and we can always manually add it to your account. Once we have the code please visit to view it under this section.