Love From Within: A Valentine's Day Self-Love Workshop with Abby - Redefine Fit


Love From Within: A Valentine’s Day Self-Love Workshop with Abby

This Valentine’s Day we’re all about celebrating YOU! And your self love! in our special Valentine’s Day workshop, join us for a journey into self-love guided by Abby, a Registered Psychotherapist. In this 75-minute session, Abby’s expertise as a Registered Psychotherapist, will allow her to share insights and tools to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. Engage in reflective prompts and a guided pole flow experience designed to enhance self-love and appreciation. Explore ways to carry this newfound sense of love and acceptance into your everyday life. Discover how pole dance can be a form of self-expression and celebration of your unique strength and beauty. Embrace the spirit of self-love this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself to an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.  This Valentines day, YOU are the MVP! – rediscover the love that exists within you.

After the workshop stay for our studio movie night – or just come for the movie night!! – Free and fun <3 Spend Valentines with your pole pals!