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It’s my first pole dancing class what do I need to know?

Welcome to your first pole dance class! And welcome to the Redefine Fit Family!! We’re so thrilled to have you start your pole journey with us! We recommend arriving a little bit earlier to become acquainted with our space, and to sign your waiver. Below are some helpful hints for first timers:

  • Please do not apply lotion/body cream/ oil etc on  your skin the day of pole. You will slide, and it may pose as a safety issue for students using the pole after you if they are inverted and the pole is slippery.
  • No jewelry: This is very important. ABSOLUTELY no rings on fingers, or bracelets, toe rings etc.
  • Attire: For pole please wear shorts (think booty shorts) your skin is grip for the pole. For the top, anything comfortable to move in (tshirt, tank top, sports bra etc)
  • Shoes: None needed (you will be bare foot)

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Do you have parking?

We have paid Green P parking lots by the studio, on Ellerbeck, on Chester etc. There is also paid street parking as well free street parking as well, all within a few minutes of the studio.

As always please make sure to read the parking signs first before parking your car there.

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Are there change rooms, lockers or showers?

There are change rooms available, we do not have lockers however our beautifully crafted open concept space allows you to be in the SAME room and vicinity as your belongings. If you are taking classes in the back room you are welcome to bring your belongings with you to the second room. We do not have showers at our space.

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Do you do pole share?

Some of our classes are pole share. Our 75 minute classes are pole share and our 60 minute classes are not.

We are the only studio in Toronto to offer MORE time and TWO teachers for our pole share classes. This will always ensure that our class ratios will be 1:7 or better. Safety and conducive learning environments are paramount to us, as such with more time and a second teacher our pole share classes are formatted in such a way that you’ll still have the absolute best time and work up a sweat!

Pole share is when two students are sharing one pole. Many studios across the GTA and all over the world use pole share. There are many benefits to pole share. At Redefine Fit, we’re more than just a dance studio to learn pole. We’re also a family, and community of polers ? Through pole share it affords you the opportunity to make new friends, watch, listen and give yourself a small break so you will not over work your muscles.

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I have a voucher how do I redeem it?

Congratulations on purchasing your voucher for Redefine Fit! We are excited to have you try pole dancing and begin your journey of fun and excitement with us. In order to redeem your voucher please click HERE

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I’m waitlisted what does this mean?

We always encourage students to sign up for the waitlist. Leading up to the class, some students may cancel early thus making room for those on the wait list.

How the Waitlist Works:

  • When a spot becomes available (someone has canceled their spot) you will you will receive an automated email to the email you have on file informing you that you are now successfully registered in the class.** Please make sure you have not opted-out of receiving automated emails.
  • Leading up to the class if you are still on the waitlist, but no longer sure if you can make it please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid being added into the class and subsequently charged for class in the event you need to cancel.
  • You will be automatically added to the classes UP TO A MAX of 3 HOURS before, at which point we will reach out to you via text to make sure you are able to still make it. Any additions before 3 Hours is your responsibility.
  • If you are on the waitlist, and decide to “test your luck” you may come to class and wait to see if a spot becomes vacant. We will only be able to confirm after waiting 5 minutes to see if those who registered come.
  • From a safety perspective our classes which are inverted we have a max ratio of 1:8

For more information on our waitlist, and cancellation policies please click HERE

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What’s your cancellation/no-show/refund policy?

As our studio grows we are committed to ensuring class sizes are the most conducive for your learning; and so we WILL NEVER OVERBOOK a class. However to be fair to others within the studio looking to take the class if you late cancel or do not show up for a class a spot was unfortunately taken away from someone else.

All sales are final, we do not offer refunds on merchandise or classes. For detailed information related to cancellations and refunds please click here

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I’m interested in booking a private event/ party

We’re so thrilled you’re planning on booking a Bachelorette/ Birthday/ Girls Night Out/ Any type of party with us!!

To inquire about dates/ times or book please email us at [email protected]

Some information about our parties

For the party we have 2.5 inch buttons that have   “Bride” and “Bride Troupe”, “Birthday Girl” etc. They are all super cute and all come as complimentary gifts with your booking.

MIN NUMBER: 4 participants

Deposit: $100

What others have to say about our parties:

Also feel free to check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/RedefineFitLtd where some reviews were left about our parties 🙂 and of course of Google Review Page

Information about the packages:

Here’s some information: We are located steps from Chester Subway station on the Danforth and offer a variety of packages for parties. Regardless of the package selected we love decorating and will decorate the space to match the appropriate theme. 

Here’s the pricing.  

1) Option 1: $30/person + HST

This includes a 60 minute class where you are led through a warm up, shown dance moves and a couple spins on the pole and learn a routine at the very end to a song.

2) Option 2: $35/person + HST

This includes a 75 minute timeslot  where you are led through a warm up, shown dance moves and a couple spins on the pole and learn a routine at the very end to a song. This option includes a photoshoot with a professional DSLR camera and 5 professionally edited photos and mocktails as well.

3) Option 3: $40/person +HST

This includes everything in Option 2 but also includes cupcakes (vegan/gluten free available)** MUST be requested in advance OR cake, and the photoshoot with a professional DSLR camera and 15 professionally edited photos

.Please let us know if you decide to book with us and we will provide additional details. For an idea about what we’ve done for parties in terms of decorations etc. Please refer to our instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/redefine_fitltd/ ;

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I’m interested in booking private classes

Redefine Fit has an incredible team of instructors who would be happy to offer 1-on-1 training for any level of pole dance, pole tricks, or pole choreography.

To request a private class please email us at [email protected] to schedule it

Additional information can be found here: https://redefine-fit.com/private-classes/

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I’m new to Redefine Fit but have previous pole dancing experience which level should I register for?

Welcome ? We are so thrilled to have you continue your pole dancing journey with us here at Redefine Fit! To properly assess and place you in the correct level please email us at [email protected] at which point we will send you an assessment form to fill out. Once you have filled that out, online we will adjust your client profile for you to assess the classes appropriate for your level.

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How do I know when I am ready to progress to the next level?

Once you are ready for progression our instructors will let you know. Alternatively you are always more than welcome to ask us. Remember that you will need to execute moves safely, and consistently on the right and left side (both sides) in order to progress.

I’m interested in renting out the space

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I’m interested in renting out the space

We’re always happy to accommodate space rental requests. Please email us at [email protected] for availability and rates.

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What types of poles do you have?

We have permanent mounted competition grade chrome plated x-poles. They are 45mm in diameter and function as static and spin.

We also have 2 hypo-allergenic poles for students with varying metal sensitivities or allergies. These are permanent mounted stainless-steel x-poles. They are 45mm in diameter and function as static and spin.

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Do your poles spin?

Yes we have permanent mounted competition grade chrome and stainless steel plated x-poles. They are 45mm in diameter and function as static and spin.

Our spin pole classes are listed as “spin fit” and will require a foundation with static pole before taking those classes.

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I’m under 18 can I still take a pole dancing class?

Yes you may! Upon arriving there will be waivers to be signed if anyone is under 18 we ask that a Guardian is present to sign the waiver on your behalf.

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