Lollipop Choreo with @captainmac.circus - Redefine Fit

Lollipop Choreo with @captainmac.circus

10AM on Sundays starting January 14, and ends on January 24

Ever dreamt of creating your own stunning routine on the lollipop? Look no further! If you’ve got the foundational lollipop lyra skills, this is YOUR time to shine.
Join us every Sunday at 10AM for a 6-week journey with MAC (@captainmac.circus), where you’ll learn how to seamlessly thread your skills into a personalized routine. Each week, we’ll build on your moves until you have a breathtaking routine crafted just for you!⁠⁠ And guess what? Week 7 is your time to sparkle!
Our optional filming hour lets you dress up, hit record, and capture your incredible routine. While we’re here to help hold cameras, tripods, and phones, please note that the video recording is on you—this is your chance to be the star of your show! Reserve your spot now, and let’s dance into the new year with style.
This cohort is covered with class passes, memberships, or our cohort pass. Email us if you have any questions⁠.

-Sundays at 10AM starting January 14, and ends on January 24
-403 Danforth Ave (Danforth Studio)